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1 Download files: blockchain_v1_mainnet.sqlite and peer_table_node.sqlite 2 Close the fork program.Kill fork processes in task manager, if left. 3 Copy this files to the following folder: C:\Users\YourUserName\.YourFork\mainnet\db 4 Start your fork program 5 Attention! Your fork's wallet blockchain needs individual synchronization in the fork program. 6 Warning! Connection of the downloaded chia/fork database to your chia/fork blockchain can take up to 5 min.The download speed depends on how far away your country is from our server in Europe.
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blockchain_v1_mainnet.sqlite 8316.399616 21.05.2022 22:00:00 212 Download
peer_table_node.sqlite 0.782336 21.05.2022 22:00:00 128 Download 0.001893 23.01.2022 03:00:00 13 Download